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We have helped many applicants with less than average profiles gain admissions to their top-choice schools.



Help you become an Admit to your top-choice universities!

EssayAdmit puts a team of graduates from Stanford, Harvard and Northwestern University, just to name a few, to work with you. We are dedicated to help Thai and Asian students gain admission to top universities. Our editors have worked in prestigious companies, such as McKinsey & Co. and Google.

- College
- Master's
- PhD


Our Services:
Evaluation of Your Profile:
We evaluate your overall profile, including:
  • your GPA and test scores
  • your work experiences
  • your extracurricular activities
  • your achievements
Essay Guide:
We help you strategize how to best ‘brand’ yourself to catch the eyes of the admissions committee. We help you identify your unique strengths as a candidate and shine them effectively.
Essay Editing:
We edit your essays, strengthening the content, word choice, logic, structure, flow and grammar.
Resume Review:
We will review your resume and provide guidance for improvements to highlight your record of achievements and skills.
Letter of Recommendation Review:
We review your letter of recommendation and give feedback to ensure that it best represents your accomplishments and personalities.
Interview Preparation: We will provide the list of questions and guidelines to deliver outstanding admissions interviews.
Additional Services: 
Letter of Recommendation Editing
Resume Editing
Mock Interview